The Origin

In August 2095, the greatest, unpredictable meteor storm came across the earth and lit up the sky. Everyone in the world has witnessed this real-time phenomenal event and found countless small meteoroids falling down on earth. These meteoroids are flawless, crystal-clear like the finest invaluable jewels from heaven, we’ve called this event “ The Holy Rain ”

A week after the strange event occured, plenty of female teenagers were admitted to the hospital in the same period of time with severe chest pain and shortness of breath. The report has found that every one of them has the same skin rashes that happened on the whole face and body, which were later developed into a compound of gemstones. The rashes were spreading exponentially, along with severe coughing up blood mixed with small numerous rubbly gemstones directly from the trachea. No one, even the most precise medical team or the most experienced labs with the latest technologies could find any cure for these poor innocent girls.

Every patient with this mysterious disease has been reported dead within two weeks due to the unstoppable spread of gemstones, causing massive organ failure. Without any effective solution, the number of new cases continues increasing and becomes another greatest loss of humanity. It has been noticed that this disease happens randomly only in female teenagers.

To be continued.